The Mane Lion

Last Thursday’s Brady Lions Club program speaker, Jason Jacoby, was brought by Lion Mike Barbour. In a true spirit of dedication to duty, Lion Mike made sure that Jason would be well prepared by giving him at least two or three hours’ notice. Actually, we found that Jason stays well prepared to speak about agri-business because, with almost no preparation time, he had facts and figures at his command. Now, I can’t tell you exactly what those facts and figures were because I didn’t write them down, but I did latch on to one important idea that Mr. Jacoby related to us. Agri-business is changing! While we have traditionally thought of our local ranches as raising sheep, goats and cattle, the trend is moving in another direction. The local growth market has become leasing land for hunting both wild game and raised exotic animals. One of the best things about this new venture is that it brings money into our local economy from the urban areas. Mr. Jacoby’s business is selling feed, seed, fertilizer and supplies to local farms and ranches. From his point of view, the focus on hunting has required that he tailor his business to the new thrust of the agricultural market. We take this opportunity to extend well wishes to Lions Olan Locker and James Long, both of whom are dealing with serious illnesses. We look forward to your speedy recoveries and your return to the Brady Lions Club’s meetings. To all of you folks out there in newspaper-land, please remember the great opportunity that you have to help others and to win a trip to Hawaii for yourself. As I mentioned last week, the Texas Lions Eye Bank Alliance is conducting a raffle for a $1,500 trip to the 50th state. Tickets are $2 apiece or 3 for $5. Proceeds go to help finance the eye bank’s operatons. Contact any Brady Lion your raffle tickets.

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