Remembering the workers in the lunchroom

The Rochelle School lunchroom has been feeding students for many years. Mrs. Arthur Wingo had a private lunch for students before the Federal Lunch Programs began in about 1942. She had burgers, hot dogs and the best homemade pies I have ever eaten. I remember a burger and pie was 15′. Mrs. Wingo was the first one to operate the Federal Lunch Program. In this school photograph are the ladies who ran the program in the early 1940s. They are, from left to right, Oma Whitaker, Flora Waddill, Mrs. Bartlett and Mrs. Wingo. I remember all of them, and they probably made about $10 a week for their hard work. If the federal program is like it used to be, you could find out what the calf market would be by how much commodities we received. If Rochelle got 400 pounds of ground beef, that meant all schools in the U.S. got a large amount and in a week or two the calf market would go higher. The school lunch workers when I was in school, other than these four women, were Mrs. Woodford, Mrs. Haywood, Berta Cates and several others. Some schools are having trouble finding and keeping teachers but not in McCulloch County. Good dependable lunchroom employees are also hard to find, and I hope the next time you see some of them that you tell them how much you appreciate their efforts.

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