2 Bradyites draft plan for Richards Park facelift

With the professional assistance of two Brady residents, the City of Brady is working to implement a plan that will rework, refurbish and renovate several different areas of Richards Park. In an initial “master plan” developed by Brady natives Jon Ed Weaver with assistance from Craig Steffens, a four-part plan has been devised with hopes of spurring area businesses and civic organizations to adopt a portion of the project to assist in achieving the end result of a renovated park. “The whole idea for this plan is nothing set in concrete,” Steffens told the Standard-Herald recently. “This idea was really the work of Jon Ed Weaver, and it is merely a suggestion to help improve the appearance of what we have that is already there.” The main focus of the plan as it is sketched out, is divided up into four different areas. Within those areas, projects are further broken down into smaller projects that Steffens and Weaver hope will be sponsored or adopted by individuals and organizations. “If we break this entire plan down into small projects, it is much easier for a person or group to handle,” said Steffens. “It can be something as small as sponsoring a planter that needs to be repaired or a small area that needs to be reworked. And the best thing about this plan, is that whenever something is fixed and repaired, the City has committed to seeing that the maintenance is kept up from there on. These projects are a one time deal which makes it much easier than something that requires constant attention. “We came in from the beginning with the idea of not putting anything into the plan that would be a maintenance headache. What we want to do is preserve as much of the natural integrity of the park as possible. We don’t want to redesign the park, just restore it.” Steffens was the head landscape architect for the Texas Department of Transportation until his retirement several years ago. He has offered his assistance and professional expertise in designing aesthetically pleasing additions ranging from fountains to walkways and formal entrances. Weaver, a multi-talented man with expierence in plumbing, carpentry and landscape, has planned for the first phase of the project to include the redrawing of recreational vehicle spots and electrical and sewage hookups at the park. Another phase that is also of considerable size is the renovation of the pavilion that is currently in desperate need of new roofing and lighting. From there, the master plan of the project includes everything from renovating the historical planters, fish ponds and wading pools to creating a walking track that encircles the perimeter of the park. “There are a lot of areas around the park that are beautiful and are not even being used,” said Steffens. “The creek below the dam also needs attention as does the natural amphitheater that is below the rock wall. Those two places have great potential. Most cities wish they had something as beautiful as we have. All we need to do is give it a facelift and make it presentable.” The City of Brady has placed $17,000 in the budget this year to assist in the improvement and renovation of Richards Park. The total cost of what the current master plan proposes would be well beyond those funds. For that reason, any and all individuals who would like to assist in any way are encouraged to contact the city manager to inquire about what they can do to help. “We by no means think that this is the best or only plan that should be used,” said Steffens. “If people want to offer some suggestions or comments, please let us or City Hall know. The more people who get involved, the better the park will be. Weaver and I are simply offering our input and abilities to assist in implementing a plan.”

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