‘Texas Cleanup’ coming to McCulloch in May

Agreeing to participate in the “Texas Country Cleanup,” the McCulloch County Commissioners met with Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC) representative Bill Koger Monday and discussed positive ways to “cycle out” all the unwanted waste. The TNRCC holds free, annual one-day collections at 30-40 locations across the state for citizens in rural and agricultural communities to bring materials for recycling or disposal. These “Texas Country Cleanups” offer residents recycling opportunities usually found only in larger cities and are necessary because rural and agricultural residents generate specific types of materials. All TNRCC collections are held from 8 a.m. to 12 noon and the McCulloch County “Texas Country Cleanup” is scheduled for Wednesday, May 22. The Commissioners, who will oversee the event, will allow a beginning date and a closing date before the collection date in May for McCulloch County residents to drop off unwanted items such as used oil, oil filters, lead-acid batteries, large appliances (refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, etc.) and other metal materials. One waste specific to the agricultural community is pesticide containers. Improperly managed pesticide containers pose a threat to groundwater, surface water and human health. In addition, many landfills do not accept empty pesticide containers. The Texas Country Cleanup is a free disposal outlet for properly rinsed pesticide containers or “triple-rinsed containers.” “We won’t take pesticides themselves,” said Koger. ‘That’s a whole separate animal (clean-up).” Another item that will be refused by the County and TNRCC is tires. Pending further discussion and planning, the County Commissioners will issue a press release with dates and times for items to be dropped off prior to the May 22 collection date. In other business, the Commissioners approved $2,500 out of the technology fund to purchase two computers for the Justice of the Peace office. Margarita Gutierrez and Stephanie Torrez were approved to attend the first ever County Court Assistance Training sponsored by the Texas Association of Counties (TAC). The training will focus on inter-local agreements and various court procedures. Because travel expenses, hotel accommodations and meal expenses will be reimbursed through a state-issued grant, the Commissioners had to approve $250 to offset the cost of registration. The county’s portion will be funded through a probate fund which generates money from probate court fees. The training session is scheduled for Feb. 27-Mar. 1 in Austin. The Commissioners authorized McCulloch County Judge Randy Young to sign a letter of intent with A&J Howco Services, Inc. of Lubbock to enter a community block grant project at the request of the Rochelle Water District. The application submitted by the Rochelle Water District was approved in 2000. Funding was awarded in two-year blocks, and the Rochelle Water District is just now scheduled to receive their portion of the grant money. The grant writer has agreed to attend the Feb. 11 Commissioners meeting to give additional information on the grant process. In the final item on the agenda, the Commissioners approved the payment of $2,788 to get a full and final release from a lawsuit with West Texas Rural Counties Association (WTRCA), a previous insurance provider for the county. “This is the best deal that we’ve had presented to us,” said Young. “This will get us 100 percent free and clear from WTRCA, other than accrued legal fees.”

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