Visitor from afar stops over in Lohn

A visitor from half-way around the world was in Lohn last week. She came with Larry Lohn and daughter, Sarah when they were here to visit Buna Lohn on her 95th birthday. Vlada Zaharova lives in Maldova, a small Eastern Europe Republic located between Romania and the Ukraine. She is a friend of Larry’s son, Chris, who lives in Austin. Chris has traveled to Maldova several times to visit Vlada and her family, and now she has come to America and Texas to visit the Lohn family in San Marcos. Vlada’s native language is Russian’her English is limited so communicating is a trifle difficult. She lives in a very old-world city, Chishinau, the Romanian name; Kishinev, the Russian name, which is the capital city of Maldova’founded in 1436. American cities must seem so young to visitors from Europe where villages and cities are centuries older. Vlada is here on a three month visa and I’m sure she will be adding to her English vocabulary, while we will continue to know only ‘da’ and ‘nyet.’ Amid the joy of seeing old friends and classmates one more time, there will be an undercurrent of sadness as the 1947 class meets in Lohn on June 8 to observe their 55th anniversary. Among the missing will be Wayne McBee, who died Tuesday, Jan. 15 in Lubbock. Facts from an obituary rarely give one an insight into the real person. Wayne was endowed with a unique sense of humor and had a great capacity for caring for people’always smiling and happy to see his old Lohn friends. From that September morning in 1936 when he and 18 others walked into Mrs. T.C. Clary’s first grade room, a bond was formed that remained unbroken for these past 66 years. Wayne may have been the class “cut-up”, I’m sure about that, as he had plenty of competition from several others’but he was always handy with answers to questions. When someone in the class asked what the initials WPA meant, he replied, “We Paddle Around.” His suggestion for the class motto was “Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow.” The class may have voted that down, no one really seems to remember. The 47 class regretfully did not publish an annual. The McBee family lived here for many years on a farm southwest of Lohn. There were seven children in the family’all attended school here. Wayne’s older brothers, Edell and Barney are deceased. His brother, Clifford and sister, Florence “Pete” are still living. He also had two older sisters, Alice and Lois, both deceased. As one member of the class said, “We will miss Wayne, he was such a gentleman and so much fun, he kept us laughing!” Nadine Browning had the Young family as guests this weekend. Dale and Barbara came from Amarillo on Friday. Bryan and Scott drove up from Austin, Kendall and children, Micha and Kyla from temple, Mark and Polly came from Tuscola. They had a great time visiting. After church, they ate lunch in Brady and everyone headed home. Paul and Linda Alastuey enjoyed a visit from Shiloh, who is back in Texas following a trip overseas, and Lisa, who lives in Commerce. Phyllis Lankford hosted a fish fry on Sunday, Jan. 20, in celebration of her granddaughter, Taylor’s third birthday. Enjoying the Barbie cake and party were Taylor’s parents, Robert and A.J. Allsup and brother, Mason, Greg and S.A. Young, Durward and Nina Solsbery, Nelson and Pegy Solsbery, Jana Solsbery, Jim and Debbie Johnson, Tommy and Patty Smith, Scott and Tyler Smith, Tatina Corfield, Jimmy and Tammy Watkins and Isaiah. The Bills have a pleasant way to while away these cold windy winter days’invite friends over for domino games. Bob and Doris have had people coming in at various times for an afternoon of fun. Doris always has some goodies baked up to share with guests. Happy birthday to Peggy Hemphill, Tracy Fischer, Jim Johnson, Kyle Willis, Charles Bowen, Riley McFarland, Lorna Moore, Buddy and Billie Bloomer, Paul and Linda Alastuey, David and Kelly Short have anniversaries these last two weeks in January. Email

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