Letter to the editor

Dear Editor: Your excellent article about Marine David Norman West (Friday Nov. 9, 2001 edition) brought back great Texas memories and impels me to thank you for writing that article to honor West and all veterans. I wonder how many who saw him at his shop for years, especially the younger generation, know how significant that “aging” barber was for their freedom as he performed his duties year after year. Brady can be proud that they sent not only Earl Rudder to storm the cliffs at Normandy, but also men like David West and his friend, Carl Short, who did the rest of the immense job in 1941 -1945, that saved the civilization we all now enjoy. That 1942-43 picture of teenagers David and Carl at Guadacanalreminds the kids of the day that young squirts 60 years ago won that war. I heard that some joked that one officers club put up a sign saying, “No officer is allowed in here below the rank of major unless accompanied by his mother.” I had a captain once who looked like he was not old enough to shave. My wife, Mildred, also enjoyed seeing the high school picture on page 4. She pointed out to me the classrooms where she went to high school. She said the school wasn’t torn down in 1940 because it was there when she graduated in 1941. By the way. She thinks it was torn down before we married. Thanks again for featuring veteran David West who did that intelligence work a few yards from enemy lines to preserve liberty and freedom for everyone in Brady and here in California, where Brady Standard-Herald publisher, Larry Smith, met his wife. Memories, memories. May your kids and McCulloch County teen-agers enjoy the lives we now live because America went to war with patriotic teen agers and a few older ones to stop evil marauding across the world 60 years ago, and again 50 years ago and again in not-so-recent and recent years and again today. Jarvis Brown Fullerton, Calif.

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