Coaches inform area businesses of unendorsed advertising group

The Brady High School athletic department issued a statement of concern Wednesday that a business practicing deceptive selling techniques has been contacting area businesses for advertisements. According to coach Bill Brown at Brady High School, a business owner in town contacted him telling him that the company out of Fort Worth was asking businesses for advertising that would be placed on a schedule for the upcoming baseball season. Brown stated that this company is in no way affiliated with Brady High School or the Brady Independent School District. When contacted, a representative of advertising company informed coach Brown that there was nothing illegal about selling the advertisements and also that no funds would benefit Brady High School or the athletic program. ‘I simply called them to see how and if this was going to benefit the kids,’ said Brown. ‘When I spoke to them, they were quite rude and expressed no interest of working with us to give something back to the kids.’ This company has contacted area businesses before and has published schedules for various other sports. According to Brown, BHS principal Preasley Cooper and the BHS athletic department do not support this group.

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