Brains boost BHS team to 4th place regional finish

The Brady High School Academic Decathlon Team traveled to Aubrey High School this past weekend to compete in the regional competition. The Academic Decathlon is a two-day contest in which students compete as individuals in a prepared speech, are interviewed and write an essay. They also take seven 30-minute tests over math, science, art, music, economics, language and super quiz. The super quiz score also includes a relay in which students answer questions in front of an audience in a type of written game show format. Students placed individually, and individual scores are combined to make a team score. Divisions in which students compete are based upon their high school averages. “These students have worked hard studying and preparing for Academic Decathlon study material,” said Gayle Probst, Academic Decathalon sponsor. “We are very pleased with the team effort, and plan to go back next year and do even better.” The team, consisting of Carrie Donop, Amber Epley, Kim Preece, BJ Kyzar, Ted Williams, Texana Reed, Jenny Walthall, Shaw Wagner, Eric Kwast and Vanessa Fuentes, scored a total of 25,710 points, placing fourth at the meet. They received a team plaque for placing second in super quiz. Individuals who medaled were: Varsity Division Jenny Walthall’Brady high point varsity individual, third in art and second in language and literature. Eric Kwast’second in math, third in science, third in music and second in language and literature. Scholastic Division BJ Kyzar’Brady high point scholastic individual, third place scholastic individual in overall tournament, second in art, third in super quiz, first in science, second in music and first in language and literature. Texana Reed’second in math and third in economics. Ted Williams’third in interview and second in language and literature. Honors Division Carrie Donop’Brady high point honors individual and first in math. Kim Preece’third in super quiz.

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