Rochelle ’41-’42 home eco class had over 60 in it

The Rochelle girls’ home economics class had over 60 in it during the school years of 1941-42. They didn’t show stock in the show, but they had a dress show each year, displaying their clothes they had made in class. They also put on box suppers and whoever bought their box of food got to eat with them. I borrowed $5 one time so I could buy my girl friend’s food box. When they auctioned off the boxes, hers went for $5.50. Like ag teachers the H.E. teachers stayed for a long time in Rochelle before moving or retiring. One time when I was in high school, the H.E. girls had a Christmas party at school and invited boys to the party. Some of the guys I ran around with poured a quart of vodka in the punch. All went well for a while until the principal came in and took a glass of punch. That ended the party. The H.E. teacher when I was in school was Edith Ross. Mrs. Locker Bryson was an H.E. teacher for many years. Other H.E. teachers that I remember were Wilma Neal, Mabel Jones, Lisa Whiteley, Miss Stewart (who didn’t stay but a part of a year), Kay Fortson (the present teacher) and Mrs. Mildred Werner, who was the teacher in 1942. Class officers in 1941-42 were Leona Milburn, the president, and Cleta Wallace, the vice-president. Class members included Winnie Ables, Juanita Barclay, Weida Barclay, Jeanell Barrow, Peggy Boyd, Merle Brown, Ina Hope Caffey, June Cawyer, Jean Clary, Juanita Clary, Ruth Cottle, Minnie Williamson, Julie Cervantes, Anna R. Cunningham, LaVerne Cox, Nellie Dennis, Patsy Dennis, Georgie Engdahl, Nadine Gossett, Reba Gossett, Bobby Harp, Nola Jones, Helen Long, Wanda Kilmer, Billy F. Mitchell, June Mitchell, Margaret Morgan, Wanda Morgan, Verna Palmer, Pauline Neighbors, Fran Reinheimer, Edith R. Roberts, Hazel Rodgers, Lelie Meyers, Lola Rodgers, Elizabeth Scarborough, LaJauna Sellman, Mildred Seward, Clarisse Scoggin, Marie Gilbreath, Edna Strong, Mary Teague, Roxie Waddill, Helen White, Virginia White, Kathryn Wilson, Helen Williams, Nelda Williams, Milfred Brown, Betty Knight, Lillian Haywood, Evelyn Haywood, Elna McBee, Ima Taylor, Fay Simpson, Bonnie Littlefield, Elvera Farris, Ann Short and Dorothy Smith.

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