Letter to the editor

To the Editor, We are the fourth grade BADGE students from Brady Elementary. We were studying about the Ancient Greeks. In one city-state called Sparta, the people were taught to do anything to win. We all thought that Ancient Greece was history, but the Spartan attitude is present in our culture and our community. We feel that we need to express the viewpoint of some of the children playing youth sports in Brady. Many kids in Brady participate in youth sports. We play because we want to learn to play the sport and have fun. We like to win, but we don’t think we have to take it to the extreme. Many people in our community teach us the value of good sportsmanship. Most coaches try to encourage the players and boost their confidence, and that helps us play better. Unfortunately, there are a few adults that are setting bad examples for kids by thinking of winning and nothing but winning. Some adults say that winning is the most important thing. Some parents and other spectators are always yelling at the referees, yelling at each other, yelling at coaches and yelling at the players. We think this behavior is wrong. It’s hard to know if we should listen to the parents in the stands or the coaches. Also, sometimes people yell rude, unnecessary, heartbreaking things to the kids who are just trying to learn the game and have fun. Sometimes, even the coaches think only of winning, and they don’t always teach good sportsmanship. If a team doesn’t win, some adults or coaches will criticize the players constantly. We know we should always try our hardest, but sometimes we lose or just don’t play as well as we’re expected to play. We appreciate that the leaders of Brady Youth Sports are trying to improve the problem by doing things like suspending parents from games or asking them to leave a game if their behavior is bad. We want adults to use encouraging words if they yell at games, cheer for the players and support the team. We want the coaches to teach us how to play the game, to help us learn from our mistakes and to set an example for good sportsmanship. If all these things happen, then more kids will want to play youth sports in Brady. Sincerely, KIRBY BROWN NATHAN CASTRO TIFFANY CRUZ MACKENZIE HIRT CARTER HUMPHREYS MORIAH MORENO KRISTIN OWENS LACEY SAWYER SHELBY YOUNG

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