Sagebrush Apartment project reportedly on ‘go’

The McCulloch County Industrial Foundation met for another regular meeting Wednesday and among regular business discussed the status of several projects that are currently in the works in and around Brady. Reports were given to the members on the Sagebrush Apartment Complex, the current Enterprise Zone application, the Texas Central Region al Association, the golf course project, the status of the revolving loan fund and the possibility of several business and tourist opportunities that are being considered. According to Mike Trollinger, president of the MCIF, Beverly Funderburg and Leslie Donaldson, have reportedly procured the necessary funding for the project, and they are intending to begin the project soon after Feb. 1. The Enterprise Zone application has been approved by the Brady City Council on its first of three readings, but completion of the application has yet to be done. When the necessary details and paperwork is compiled, Trollinger will submit the application to the appropriate authorities. A board of museums comprised of a seven-county area including McCulloch met Thursday in San Saba to discuss marketing plans to increase exposure of area museums. Bert Striegler, representing the Heart of Texas Historical Museum, has been working with other area museums to develop plans that were discussed at the workshop. A brief synopsis of the current status of the strategic plan devised and currently being used by the Economic Development Corporation gave MCIF members a view into an extensive plan that is several years in the making. Board member Kim King suggested that the MCIF members obtain copies of the plan and review and study it to assist in the incorporation and modification of a plan that will ultimately assist the entire county in community and industrial development. In highlighting the current projects that have not yet become definite business decisions, the board discussed one fabrication business that has expressed an interest in acquiring the old Western Auto building. If the business plans follow through, the new business would employ five to eight full-time employees. More details will be made available as business dealings are finalized. The board also heard of several local businesses who have already or are in the midst of expanding with the assistance of Small Business loans through the revolving loan fund set up by the Brady Economic Development Corporation. Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President DeLaine Poe informed the group that executives with the Southern Drag Boat Association will be in Brady on Saturday to discuss the final detail of possibly hosting boat races at Brady Lake. Mrs. Poe also gave preliminary details of the upcoming car shows as well as the annual Chamber Banquet scheduled for Monday, Jan. 28.

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