Melvin boy hogs stock show honors

January 17-20, 1961 Jack Weaver, a 15-year-old Melvin FFA boy, almost monopolized the top awards at Melvin’s Fat Stock Show Friday and again Saturday at the McCulloch County Stock Show in Brady. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Mackey Weaver, Jack had the grand champion calf and the grand champion lamb at the Melvin show and then took the same two places in Brady, plus showing the reserve champion lamb. Jack got his roughest competition from Gayle Taliaferro, 12, a Melvin 4-H girl and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Billy Ray Taliaferro. Gayle managed to squeeze her lamb into the reserve championship at Melvin and won the showmanship trophy in Brady, given by radio station KNEL. Jack and Gayle also were big winners in last year’s Melvin and McCulloch shows. The champion calf was a Hereford, bred by Carroll Barnett of Melvin. Jack’s champion lamb at Melvin was a Delaine, but his champions in Brady were Southdowns. The 4-H Clubbers and the FFA boys had good weather for their annual shows. A bright, warm sun was shining at Melvin at the ball field. In Brady Saturday morning, a chilly breeze whistled through the stock barn at Richards Park and had the spectators looking for a warm spot, but the temperature rose a little during the afternoon. In the Melvin show were three Brahma calves, a rare entry in McCulloch County shows. Bred by Mackey Weaver, they were shown by Jack Weaver, Ronnie Cook and Richard Germany. Here are the results of the McCulloch County show: SHEEP Lambs (Southdown, Shropshire and medium wool): 1. Jack Weaver; 2. Weaver; 3. Gayle Taliaferro. Trio of Fine wool Lambs: 1. Taliaferro; 2. Weaver; 3. Joe H. Johnson; 4. Mary Bratton; 5. Susan Cusenbary. Crossbred Lambs: 1. and 2. Taliaferro. Fine wool Lambs: 1. Taliaferro; 2. Weaver; 3. Weaver; 4. Taliaferro; 5. Bratton; 6. and 7. Cusenbary; 8. Johnson; 9. Bratton; 10. Johnson. Commercial Lambs: 1. T.A. Wilton; 2. W.L. Mooring; 3. Don Anderson; 4. Jimmy Criswell. BREEDING SHEEP Champion Columbia Ram’Jimmy Moseley. Columbia Ewe Lamb: 1. and 2. Buddy Corder. Columbia Ewe (2-4 tooth): 1. and 2. Moseley. Champion Columbia Ewe’Corder; reserve champion’Moseley. CORRIEDALE Ram Lamb: 1. and 2. Pat Ridens. Champion and reserve champion Corriedale Ram: Ridens. Corriedale Ewe Lamb: 1. and 2. Ridens. RAMBOUILLET Ewe (2-4 tooth): 1. and 2. Doran Lemke. Champion Ewe: Lemke. SUFFOLK Champion Ewe: Larry Miller. ANGORA GOATS Buck Kidd: 1. Mark Moseley; 2. Buddy Corder; 3. Moseley; 4. Corder. Buck (2-4 tooth): 1. Moseley. Champion and reserve champion buck: Mark Moseley. Doe Kid: 1. Corder; 2. Moseley; 3. Eddie Burk; 4. Corder; 5. Moseley. Champion Angora Doe: Buddy Corder. Reserve champion Angora doe: Mark Moseley. Get of Sire: 1. Moseley; 2. Corder. SWINE SHOW Champion Boar: Kirby Huffman. Reserve Champion Boar: Doran Lemke. Breeding Gilts: 1. Leo Beeman; 2. Kirby Huffman; 3. Rochelle FFA; 4. Beeman. Reserve Champion Breeding Gilt: Kirby Huffman. Barrows and Open Gilts: 1. Edwin Clevenger; 2. and 3. Dale Hill; 4. Huffman; 5. Beeman; 6. and 7. Clevenger; and 8. and 9. Rochelle FFA. Champion Barrow or Open Gilt: Edwin Clevenger. CATTLE Commercial Steers: Entries by Lewis Bratton and Bill Bratton both graded “good.” Champion Steer: Jack Weaver. Breeding Heifers: Bob Bratton, first (Angus); Tommy Penn, First (Hereford). Champion Heifer: Bob Bratton. Reserve Champion Heifer: Tommy Penn. * * * Truck-Tractor firm purchased by Barbee C.W. Barbee has been appointed International Harvester truck and tractor dealer in Brady and will operate from the building on the San Angelo highway formerly occupied by the Heart O’ Texas Supply Company. Barbee purchased the business Jan. 10 from Buford Sheffield, Jr., buying the parts inventory and leasing the building and fixtures. Coming here from San Angelo in Dec. 1953, Barbee since then has been in the salvage building materials business at the Old Prisoner of War Camp and will continue to operate that company there. The new International Harvester dealership will be known as Barbee Truck and Tractor Company. The parts department is being restocked, and additional trucks and tractors have been ordered for showing during the company’s open house next Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan. 24 and 25. To be included in the showing are International’s new C-line of pickup trucks and the new 4×2 ‘Scout,’ a small compact pickup. The garage and repair shop at Barbee Truck and Tractor will continue to be operated under lease to Martin Burklund. Warren Clendenen, in New Mexico for the last seven years, is joining the Barbee company to assist with parts and sales. He formerly lived in Ozona for 15 years. The International dealership, formerly under the Lubbock district, now is under the Dallas district, and International representatives are here to assist Barbee with the opening. Sheffield is retaining the ‘Heart O’ Texas Supply Company’ name and is moving temporarily to 315 West Commerce for sales of used cars and pickups.

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