Rochelle has had a number of coaches

While thinking about all of the coaches that served in Rochelle, I believe the first one I can remember was Barney Hale. He was here from 1935-39. Hale left Rochelle and coached at Howard Payne. My first high school coach was Homer Miller. He was followed by Roy Gregory and E.V. McCarty in 1946-47. My junior high school coach was Leslie Terry. The very first coach at Rochelle was Red Floyd in 1924. Leon Lane followed him in 1927. The coach at Rochelle today I’ve never met. I think he must be a good one since he went 6-4 this past season.His team was picked to finish last in district. Some of the other coaches that I recall included Irby Petsik, Hichcock, Glass, N.M. Curlee, Nelson Ricker, Flop Fambrough, Charles Donohoe, Joey Worley, Sam Eoff, Willie Myers, John Felts, Earl McKeithen, John Clark, Chris Short, Ralph Bates, Jack Browning, Also, Gerald Brister, Joe Johanson, Jerrell Rice, Johnny Bradshaw, myself, and Miers Johnson, who coached girls’ basketball. There are several others, but I can’t remember their names. If I were going to name the best coaches, they would probably be: ‘Football’Barney Hale and Jerrell Rice. ‘Boys’ Basketball’Chris Short. ‘Track’Willie Myers. ‘Girls’ Basketball’Mike Gard-ner, the present coach. I suppose a good coach is one who is a winner. If they don’t win, they won’t stay long at any size school. Some of the best coaches just didn’t have the better athletes. Sometimes we overlook how the coach does in the classroom. As a man and a friend, Fred Salling, who coached in Brady in the 1940s and 50s was always a nice fellow to be around. When I was in high school, we would scrimmage Brady, and I always like Fred. Brady had a junior high coach in the late 50s and early 60s who always had his boys tough and ready to go. I think his name was Tommy Starnes. It would be interesting to see all of the coaches have the same students and see who would win or lose. As the saying goes, “We are behind you coach, win or tie.”

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