HOT Golf Association names new board members at annual meeting

The Heart of Texas Golf Association held its annual membership meeting Monday night at the Brady National Bank Community Room with over 50 members in attendance. After recapping the past year’s business, course superintendent J.T. Epley walked the members through the two forms now required by each individual who joins the association or rents a cart shed. “These two forms that must be signed by the appropriate individuals, are merely a formality,” said Epley. “For years, things have been done at the course on mostly a “gentleman’s agreement,” but these forms are simply part of doing good business. Playing golf out there is a hobby for all of the players, but it is a business to us who work there.” The forms that are now part of the golf course membership laid certain rules and guidelines for cart shed rental agreements as well as outline payment schedules and rules for annual green fees for club members. Outgoing association president Charlie Bush summarized the current financial statement of the association and clarified any questions brought before the board. In an update on the current status of the project of expanding the current course into an 18-hole course, Bush and incoming president Jim Quinn explained some of the financing details associated with a $110,000 loan that has been used to acquire necessary portions of land that will be used to expand the course. “We (the association) now have the land and that was the first step in expanding the course,” said Quinn. “Payments on the note begin in June and by then, we hope to have all of the funds available from foundations and grants to pay for the land. As far as what will actually be done to expand the course, that is still being discussed.” According to Epley and Quinn, the original plans of totally revamping the entire course leaving only a few of the current holes untouched, has been replaced by a plan to leave the current nine holes intact and build nine additional new holes into a new layout. The details have not yet been finalized. In summarizing the past year’s events, the association recognized the efforts of several individuals including the fund-raising program begun by Denise Nichols and the lady golfers who provided the food and refreshments at tournaments. The funds they raised in the past year have contributed approximately $1,200 to the coffers of the association. The Hully Gully points total winners were announced and two of the top three spots were won by lady golfers. First place went to Denise Nichols, second went to Cathy Powell and third went to David Graves. In the business portion of the meeting, Quinn was nominated and approved as the new association president. The members also then voted to amend the bylaws in regard to the number of board members, increasing the total from seven to nine. With a unanimous vote to amend the bylaws, the members then filled out ballots voting six new members to two year terms on the association. Those six new board members are: Joy Millsap, Denise Nichols, Leroy Keese, Abel Ledezma, Victor Cruz and Danny Neal. Benito Rubio and Barry Jackson were the lucky door prize winners. Each received a $50 gift certificate that can be used at the course. The association board will hold regular monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. at the golf course.

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