Burnet caps Brady 9th girls, 44-26

By the coach’s standards, the Brady freshman girls basketball team continues to improve each and every week, but a strong and aggressive Burnet team managed to outscore the Brady team, 44-26, there Tuesday night. “I feel like I sound like a broken record,” said coach Micki Templeton, “but the girls hustle each day in practice and during each game. Their determination and effort will pay off.” The Brady girls played point for point in the first quarter trailing 12-11 at the end of the first. A lapse in offensive output gave Burnet the chance they needed as they made an 11-2 run on the Bulldogs in the second. “Burnet was an aggressive and physical team,” said the coach. “I felt like we did a good job on both offense and defense, but we just had too many turnovers, missed free throws and missed shots inside the lane. It’s the same thing every game, and we can start winning games if we would just capitalize on our scoring opportunities.” Scorers for Brady: Brittany Brown 4, Trista Jeffrey 4, Liana Harper 2, Beth Ross 8, Brittney Parks 4 and Rosa Botello 4. Score by quarters: Brady 11 2 6 7’26 Burnet 12 11 10 11’44 H Brady JV Girls 38 Burnet 46 Scorers for Brady: Erica Hernandez 16, Chelsey Bandy 5, Savannah Hernandez, Dana Hagemann 9, Anna Zapata 2. Score by quarters: Brady 10 12 5 11’38 Burnet 15 10 10 11’46

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