2001 rain totals surprise many

Rainfall in Brady and the Heart of Texas for the year 2001 ended with an above average total (28.12 inches), but one would never had believed it through July. The rain totals are all official, according to U.S. Weather Observer Jean F. Williams. The average annual rainfall in Brady (McCulloch County) is 26.10 inches, according to the Texas Almanac. After a severe dry spell from April through July, the rains began falling in August, and the remainder of the year had over-average totals. It took a 6.49-inch rainfall total in August, the largest total in that month since 1978 when 11.16 inches was recorded, to correct the deficit. After a year of extremes in 2000, McCulloch County returned to a fairly average year in 2001 with the exception of the four-month stretch in late spring and early summer. The spring of 2001 was a beautiful one with a bevy of colorful wildflowers adorning the countryside. It was one of the most abundant displays of flora in the area in many years. Then the rains ceased. June, a month that usually averages 3.60 inches, was exceptionally arid and less than a half inch (0.41) was registered. July, traditionally a hot, dry month, saw just over a trace of moisture, 0.04 of an inch. Temperatures were over 100′ 13 days in that month with the hottest being 105′ on July 14. Good conditions returned in mid-August when the first plentiful rain in over four months dumped 1.73 inches in the Heart of Texas. The showers continued through the end of the month. September registered more than average and ended with 4.56 inches, almost an inch above the norm. Following a below average October, November, for the second consecutive year, recorded an above average rainfall with 3.48 inches. The normal is 1.50 inches. That total didn’t even come close to the record-shattering 10.82-inch total that Brady recorded in November 2000 which broke the three-year drouth. The coldest temperature in Brady for 2001 was recorded on Jan. 19 at 22′. The hottest was on July 14 at 105′. The first freeze in the fall was 28′ on Nov. 28.

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