We used to make resolutions for the New Year

New Year’s has always been a lot of fun in Rochelle. When I was in my early teens, someone would have a party. We would play games (boys and girls), tell ghost stories, drink hot chocolate, stay up until midnight and welcome in the new year. Sometimes we would make resolutions, such as, better grades in school, be nicer to the teachers and the principal, etc. Once I made a resolution to be a lot better in school, and the next day, I would get a whippin’ for something. Back then you didn’t get a spanking’it was a whippin’. I’m sure I needed it. In my later teens we would go to Brady and stay out until 3 a.m. Once we went to Charlie Bumgardner’s dance hall on the San Angelo highway. We drank wine, and again I got a whippin’ from one of the patrons. This time I made two resolutions for the new year’no wine and no dance hall. This year my resolutions are: ‘ I will not sing so loud in church. ‘ I will fast for 30 days and not eat any food. ‘ I will give up running any foot races. This past New Year’s Eve we really did it up right. We went to some friend’s home for a big steak dinner, went to the country club for a dance, had a lot of fun, then we came to our house for breakfast at 2 a.m. Then I woke up. It was 12:15 a.m., and I had been asleep since 9 p.m. I had been dreaming. Oh well, until next year’

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