University alumni issue stock show bid challenge

Alumni from several Texas universities have begun a friendly challenge to help raise funds to be used at the premium sale of this weekend’s McCulloch County Junior Livestock Show. Started as a good-hearted way to increase revenues to be used to purchase sale animals, alumni groups from Texas A&M and Texas Tech are challenging McCulloch alum to a bidding war. Any other Texas institutions interested in participating in the challenge are encouraged to contact Jason Jacoby with the Livestock Association prior to the sale on Saturday night. ‘There are several area counties who have this same type of challenge going and it has become very successful,’ said Jacoby. ‘What we hope is that this will give friends and neighbors a way to contribute to a worthy cause, even if it is only a few dollars. There are a lot of people out there willing to show their support and this will give them a chance to be part of something that benefits the youth of the county.’ Interested former students from Texas A&M should contact Liz Allen at 597-2104 to participate and Raider exes should contact Clay Jones at 597-2961 to put their name on the list. For any other additional information, contact Jason Jacoby at 286-4242.

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