Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, I would like to address the parents, coaches and referees of the Little Dribblers Basketball games. This past Saturday, I witnessed an utterly disheartening display of unsportsmanlike conduct. Two other members of the opposing team were giving high fives to each other and laughing as the child who had been blatantly fouled lay there, unable to get up. The child’s father ran to his side, but neither coach from the opposing team showed concern. The refs then took a moment to debate if they should give a technical to the team. Should there have even been a question’ For the record, they only gave a foul to the individual who knocked the child down. I believe that in our handouts in the beginning of the season, the rules stated that there would be zero tolerance for unsportsmanlike conduct. Does this rule not apply to a select few’ Apparently so. During the same game, I heard a member of the opposing team spouting obscenities. Was that child disciplined for that offense by the referees, parents or coaches’ No! As anyone who has ever sat next to me, or within the same gym for that matter, knows that I am one of the first to cheer for the kids when they play. But, I will say that if that were my child who behaved that badly or one of my team members I would have pulled him off the court myself. Winning is great. But what are these children learning’ That you win at all costs’ That is is okay to curse and swear on the courts and fields. That you can run over people and it doesn’t matter. I think we need to reevaluate what the standards for sportsmanship and league-play really are. I believe that by holding our children accountable now we will be helping them to learn to cope and excel in their future endeavors. What needs to exist is a consistent and unbendable set of rules that each and every child, parent and coach must adhere to. Raising a winner is easy. Raising a winning person is not. I know that it also says on our handouts that if we disagree with the rules or the way things were run during this season that we were “to join the board.” Please add my name now. I will be there to help! Sincerely, VICKI PETTY Brady, Tex.

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