Livestock Supporters

Probst Farms No. 6 contributor at the 2001 McCulloch Livestock Show The family farm and ranch run by the Probst family of Mike and Gail Probst is continuing the long standing tradition of agriculture related business. Originally founded in the late 1800s, the Probst family farm and ranch is now in its third generation of the family business. Specializing in raising Angora goats, they also raise black angus cattle, hogs and meat goats and farm peanuts. Jacoby Feed and Seed No. 7 contributor of the 2001 McCulloch County Livestock Show and Sale Providing feed and seed needs for farmers and ranchers in McCulloch County is the main goal of Jacoby Feed and Seed, the number six financial supporter of the 2001 McCulloch County Junior Livestock Show. Purchased in December of 1979 by the Jacoby family, the Melvin based feed and seed business has grown and expanded over the years to keep up with the demands of the area market. Since purchasing the facility from Kimble Milling in 1979, the Jacoby family has built three more warehouses, added six more tanks and is currently in the process of expanding even further. “We have been working hard to provide goods and services that are needed by farmers and ranchers in the area,” said Jason Jacoby. “Right now, we are even looking at expanding to offer mechanic services, tires gas and diesel and even some convenience store type items.” While diversification has been the most recent venture of Jacoby Feed and Seed, they remain committed to offering high quality custom feed blends for wildlife and livestock. “We have been affiliated with the livestock association for many years,” recalls Jacoby. “Livestock is our business. Also, if it is done correctly, teaching these kids how to raise and show an animal will teach them something that they cannot learn in a classroom. It teaches responsibility and requires a lot of attention.”

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