City Council zips through agenda

In what was one of the shortest meetings on record, the Brady City Council zipped through the first regular meeting of 2002 in less than 15 minutes and approved all of the items on the agenda. As the only action item, the Council unanimously approved the $74,850 annual budget for the local Tourist Convention Bureau. “This money will be spent to bring in tourist dollars,” explained Brady/McCulloch County Chamber of Commerce EVP DeLaine Poe. It goes toward putting on our annual car show, the Cinco de Mayo celebration, the July Jubilee and other events that bring tourists to Brady. “Every bit of the money is spent to bring tourist dollars to Brady. In addition, we plan to bring the Southern Drag Boat Racing Association to Brady during the 4th of July weekend. The economic impact from just the racing and tourist dollars spent over the 4th of July weekend could be well over $1 million,” she explained. In other business, the council approved the third and final reading of an ordinance extending the 45 mile per hour speed zone on US Hwy. 190 towards the south Brady City Limits. In addition, the Council approved the second ordinance reading amending all ordinances designating truck routes in the City of Brady and limiting the use of truck parking on residential streets as well as the second reading of an ordinance amending Ordinance No. 567 regulating animals and fowl. According to Brady City Manager Merle Taylor, the greatest change to the ordinance regulating animals and fowl is in the fines given for different violations. “This was primarily to revise the current violation rates and make any necessary adjustments for fines,” he explained. “This is the only way it seems to get some people’s attention’through their pocket book.” Taylor went on to add that the adjustment to the ordinance was primarily needed to raise the cost of fines for animals picked up and hauled to the city pound.

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