Brady shooter ranked 1st in nation

With an official total of 1,449 points amassed during the 2001 shooting season, Brady’s Jess Anderson has achieved yet another personal goal’being the best trap shooter in the entire nation in his classification. The official announcement was posted on the Amateur Trap Association (ATA) website mid-day Wednesday. The site posts the top shooters by point totals in each competitive age group. Having only begun competitive trap shooting in December of 1999, Anderson has quickly moved up the ranks and his abilities have caught the eye of many seasoned veterans and product sponsors. Last year, Anderson finished in 11th place, just one spot out of the All American team which is comprised of the top 10 shooters, with a total of 484 points. This year, he leapfrogged the competition and handily took the top spot with a point total that was just shy of tripling his previous year’s total. The second place sub-junior shooter for the 2001 season had 1,244 season points, 205 shy of Anderson. The point system of scoring shooters is a weighted scoring system that assigns point values to placings at various shoots throughout the year. By placing in the top shooters at larger shoots, higher point totals are accumulated. Among other requirements, to qualify for the All American team, shooters must compete in at least three different states. “We heard a few weeks ago through the grapevine that things were looking good for the season total,” said Anderson. “It wasn’t until the official rankings were released today that I was sure that I had made the team.” As the top point scorer in his classification, he was also bestowed the title of captain of the team. “Being named captain of the team is more of an honor than anything else,” said Carol Anderson, Jess’ mother. At just 14 years of age, Jess’ shooting ability has placed him at the toughest distance marker for each contest. Trap shoots begin with the shooter at a distance of 19 yards from the trap house. Shooting a score of 96 percent or better at an ATA sanctioned shoot allows one to move back to 27 yards in half-yard increments. In the most recent ATA shooting year which ended August 31, Anderson competed in three categories’singles, doubles and handicap. He broke 4,520 of 4,600 or 98.28 percent of the single targets; 3,228 of 3,400 or 94.94 percent of doubles thrown; and 3,795 of 4,300 or 88.26 percent of targets thrown in the handicap rounds. He also scored the best all-around average. “This was good year and I achieved some personal goals,” said Anderson, “but now my goal is to be a repeat captain next year. Right now all I want to do is keep shooting and keep getting better. I want to beat my own records and keep improving my scores. “I do want to personally thank my parents for all that they do. It takes a lot of time and effort and money to get to these shoots. They have really supported me and my shooting and I couldn’t have done it without them,” Anderson said. In the upcoming year, Anderson hopes to continue his quest to become a repeat All American. He is also considering trying to get experience in the Olympic shooting arena by competing in Olympic-style shoots. “We have had a good year going to the shoots with Jess,” said Mrs. Anderson. “We couldn’t have done it without the assistance and cooperation of the school district and his teachers. We really appreciate all of the help and effort they have given us.” The 2002 shooting season began Sept. 1 and already, Jess has a 96 percent average in both singles and doubles and an 88 percent average in handicap. “I haven’t shot very much so far this year, but I plan on doing quite a bit in the months to come,” said Anderson. “My first major shoot will be in Tucson in February.” With several personal goals met this past year and his sights already set on goals for this year, young Jess Anderson is sure to succeed at hitting his targets and taking his place in the record books.

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