BSH will continue to print legal notices despite designation

With the change of the new year, one aspect of business with relation to this newspaper and the City of Brady will go into effect. The Brady City Council voted to choose a publication other than this one to be designated as “the official newspaper” for the City. This distinction is required by law, and it simply means that the designated paper fulfills the legal requirement the City has of publishing legal notices and such. The process of designating an “official newspaper” traditionally takes place in September, the month before the beginning of the City’s new fiscal year. This past September, the Council attempted to designate another publication that was not legally qualified. After several weeks of researching the issue, the Council and mayor determined that they had the right to appoint the non-qualified publication as the “official newspaper” effective the first day they became eligible. That appointment was preempted, however, by the diplomatic decision to put the official newspaper designation out for bids. The bids submitted were compared, and at a subsequent Council meeting, the designation was made. Despite that our publication reaches nearly 10 times as many readers as the other publication, the Council chose them based upon a financial comparison of the bids. For over 90 years, The Brady Standard-Herald has served this community, and we will continue to do our best to inform the citizens of Brady of what goes on in and around Brady and McCulloch County. Despite not being the “official newspaper” this year, we will continue to run each and every public notice issued by the City of Brady in order to keep our subscribers and the general public informed. Our job is to report news and that is what we will continue to do for you.

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