Pre-bid hearing fine tunes preparations for street project

A pre-bid hearing for contractors interested in the upcoming local street project, was held last Thursday morning at City Hall. The purpose of the meeting was to bring interested parties to a question and answer session where any concerns and details could be discussed prior to bids being submitted. During the meeting which was attended by representatives of eight individual contractors, questions concerning details of the job that were not in the written specifications were asked and answered, and following the conclusion of the session, it was anticipated by project engineer Frank Carmichael that the bid deadline would be moved from Jan. 11 to Jan. 18. “The Texas Department of Transportation has a deadline of Jan. 8 for their contracts,” said Brady City Manager Merle Taylor. “TxDOT is considered to be the ‘golden nugget’ by contractors so by moving our deadline back a week, we anticipate more prospective contractors who didn’t get a TxDOT job to get into the bidding process. “We have also been fortunate in that many TxDOT projects and bids have been put on hold creating fewer available jobs during this time of year. That should work in our favor by creating more competition for the job here in Brady.” According to Taylor, an addendum to the bid specifications will be submitted and from there, bids will be accepted until Jan. 18. The sealed bids will be opened at 2 p.m. on Jan. 18. Taylor and Carmichael will then review the bids and research and verify the capability of prospective contractors. If the bids submitted fall within the parameters expected by both Carmichael and the Council, performance bonds, insurance and all the necessary paperwork will be researched and completed on one or more contractors that Carmichael and Taylor deem to be the best. Once all of the proper steps have been followed, Taylor and Carmichael will make a recommendation to the Council, hopefully at one of the regular Brady City Council meetings scheduled in February. “Once we get the bids, there are a lot of fine details that go into determining the performance capability of a contractor,” said Taylor. “We will be checking with banks, insurance companies and several references in order to help us determine who would be the best candidate for the job.” In the mean time, Brady street crews are continuing with various manual labor tasks that will facilitate the efficient progress of the project once it begins. Trees are being trimmed to allow for maintainers and dump trucks with raised beds to pass freely, major potholes are being fixed and portions of the streets where there are major depressions or indentions are being worked on. “These minor details are something that will have to be done, either by the contractor or by the City,” said Taylor. “What we are doing is trying to get as much of the manual labor out of the way to help out on the overall cost of the project..” Once the bids have been opened and approved by the Brady City Council, the resurfacing of the streets could begin as soon as March, but an actual timeline has not yet been determined.

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