Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, I just want to take a moment of your time to let you and the citizens of McCulloch County know how unhappy and distraught my wife and I were to find the U. S. Flag at the front gate of our ranch missing when we returned home from visiting relatives on Christmas day. We had been flying the Flag in support of our troops in Afghanistan, the World Trade Center and the Pentagon catastrophes that occurred on Sept. 11. I’m sure you can appreciate our total dismay, anger and sadness to have someone “trespass on our property” and desecrate our flag by stealing it along with the pole it flew on. The thief/thieves literally tore the pole off the fence post that I had affixed the pole to. In my incident report to the McCulloch County Sheriff’s office, I mentioned that I would like to meet the person(s) responsible for this particular act of theft and vandalism. I also stated to the deputy who took the report that I had served in the U. S. Marine Corps for 27 years and felt that those who would steal a U. S. Flag are spineless individuals who are much lower down the chain of animals than I care to describe. They obviously have no moral values whatsoever. This incident certainly makes one feel safe and “part of the community”. I cannot imagine what will happen next, as this is the third incidence of vandalism that my wife and I have endured since purchasing our ranch in 1990. The previous incidents never led to an arrest, and we are confident that this incident will follow the same path; after all the Sheriff’s office has very little to follow up on. Thank you for publishing this article and allowing us to share this very sad and unhappy experience with the citizens of McCulloch County. Leonard and Janice Westra Lohn, TX

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