City Slickers, Country Boys, played for ‘fund’

December 7, 1941, was a sad day for all Americans. Nine years later on December 7, 1950, I thought the Japs had bombed me. I was playing football for the country team of McCulloch County. We had a game in Brady to help support the polio victims of the county. The game was played between the City Slickers of Brady against the Country Boys of the county. Earl Rudder coached the city team while Raymond Troutman and Cordell Brown coached the country team. Some of the City Slickers’ players were Happy Ellis, Charlie Dye, Steve King, Joe Smith, L.V. Ruffin, Corky Pence and Harold Cooper. I remember all of the Country Boys: from Lohn’Clayton Hanna, Bill Underwood, Bernard Hester, Ray Don Turner and Zane Carroll; from Melvin’H.C. Broman, Leland Sutton, Termin Pesina, Doyle Moore, James Broman and Dick Swenning; from Rochelle’Bobby Neal, L. E. Knutson, B. L. Williamson, Royce Yates, Charles Engdahl, Gordon Yates and myself. It was very cold that night, but we had fun. The best back we had was Clayton Hanna. I don’t remember who won, but it did raise a little money for the polio fund.

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