’01 sales tax receipts down slightly from last year’s totals

The final sales tax rebates of 2001 are coming in and according to reports compiled by the state comptrollers office, cities in and around the Heart of Texas are holding their own in the recent economy. The big leader in both monthly and yearly tax rebates is Menard which saw a 52 percent increase in the December tax rebate with yearly increase of 25 percent. The December rebate of 2000 for Menard of $5,972 increased to $12,317 in 2001. The yearly total in rebates for Menard jumped from $92,426 in 2000 to $122,883 in 2001. Brady saw only a slight decrease in overall sales tax rebates in both December and the year overall. The year to date totals decreased from $616,004 in 2000 to $614,161; a difference of only $1,843. Although running at a sizeable increase for most of the year, neighboring San Saba saw the biggest decline in year end sales tax rebates with a decrease of 7.9 percent. A weak rebate showing in November accounted largely for the drop in San Saba’s total sales tax rebate from $428,323 in 2000 to $397,259 in 2001. Llano saw the biggest drop in December rebates from 2000 to 2001 with a 13.8 percent change, but the year to date numbers fared better dropping only three percentage points from $663,655 to $643,448.

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