Council approves $10,000 to library on final reading

Meeting in regular session Wednesday morning, the Brady City Council made good on its promise to pledge $10,000 toward the expansion project for F.M. Richards Memorial Library. Approved in the third and final reading, the $10,000 pledge moves the Library Association one step closer to financing the project. The total cost of the project is $181,000, and the expansion will increase usable space at the library by 1,500 square feet (approximately 50 percent). Groundbreaking for the project should begin around May 2002. In another ordinance, the Council voted to approve the second reading of an ordinance extending the 45-mile per hour speed zone on US Hwy. 190 toward the south Brady City Limits. Also, the second reading of the ordinance to approve the Classic Cable TV franchise agreement was approved. In connection with the ordinance, Bill Ricks questioned why the City plans to initiate a 10-year contract with a five-year renewal option at the end of the contract. Ricks also asked that the Council let the city attorney review the contract before the third and final reading comes back for a vote. Bill Mann also expressed concerns and suggested a five-year contract rather than a 10-year contract. Members of the Council said that, although they are not certain, Classic Cable more than likely wouldn’t offer anything less than a 10-year contract. Two ordinances, No. 567 regulating animals and fowl and an ordinance amending all ordinances designating truck routes in the City of Brady and limiting the use of residential streets for truck parking, were approved on their first readings Wednesday morning, subject to a few minor changes in the wording. In the action items, the Council voted to approve the resolution to adopt a racial profiling policy. The policy is a new state requirement and will eventually provide for all “regularly used” police vehicles to be fitted with state-of-the-art video cameras. With installation of the second camera expected this week, the Brady Police Department currently has two cameras rolling while out in the line of duty. Purchased a few years back, the City of Brady received assistance from the Concho Valley Council of Governments (COG) for the purchase of the cameras. The Council explained that in the near future the City will be required to have cameras operating in all regularly used vehicles. Ranging in price because of the vast variety of different systems, the estimated cost per camera will run the City an estimated $2,000 each. In the final action item on the agenda, the Council voted in favor of the Brady/McCulloch County Chamber of Commerce’s recommendation to elect Dae Locklear, Merle Taylor, Danny Neal, Bill Derrick, Dr. James Allen, Mike Trollinger and Jay Patel as representatives to the Tourist and Convention Bureau.

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