Christmas crafts shorten a preschooler’s wait for Santa

If you’re the parent of a three- to six-year-old, you’re probably already hearing, ‘How many days left until Christmas’ Help shorten the wait for your preschooler with these Christmas crafts from ‘The Preschooler’s Busy Book’ (Meadowbrook Press) by Trish Kuffner. Christmas Place Mats’Cut up old greeting cards, glue the artwork onto a piece of construction paper or light cardboard, and cover it with clear contact paper. You can also have your child cut his or her gift wishes from a catalog or magazine and glue them onto paper to make a wish-list place mat. Glitter Balls’Pour glitter into a shallow dish. Spread glue evenly over a Styrofoam ball and roll it in glitter. Let the ball dry and attach a thread for hanging it on the Christmas tree. Christmas Tree Picture’Cut out a Christmas tree from green construction paper. Use a paper hole punch to punch out dots from various colors of construction paper. Glue the dots to the tree for decoration and add sequins or glitter and a star at the top. Paper Plate Wreath’Cut a hole in the center of a green paper plate. Cut or tear red and green tissue paper into small pieces. Have your child twist or crumple the paper into small balls and glue them onto the plate. Add a ribbon bow. Toddler Christmas Crafts’Toddlers can get into the Christmas spirit with your help on these fun holiday crafts: Christmas Noisemaker’Put uncooked beans and popped popcorn into a clean, dry frozen-juice container. Place the metal lid on top and glue or tape securely. You can cover the juice container with red or green construction paper and decorate with markers or stickers. Magnetic Christmas Tree’Gather 10 or more lids from frozen-juice cans or baby-food jars. Cut small circles of colored felt to fit the lids. Use lots of green and some red, yellow, and blue, and glue the felt to the lid (inside the lid for baby-food jars, outside the lid for juice cans). Glue a magnet strip to each lid. Arrange the magnets in the shape of a Christmas tree on your refrigerator door, or let your toddler make designs of his or her own. Cotton Ball Snowman’Cut three circles in different sizes from clear contact paper. Staple the contact paper, backing side up, to construction paper to make a snowman shape. Peel off the backing and let your child stick cotton balls to the contact paper to cover the snowman. Use construction paper to add a hat, scarf, and facial features and glue to the snowman.

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