Brady stunned by lake’s big victory: 1,198 to 32

December 20-24. 1960 A staggering, overwhelming victory for Brady Lake in Tuesday’s election’1,198 votes for and 32 against’set off a celebration when the results were announced Tuesday night. While the ballots were being counted at the courthouse, the City Council was meeting at the City Hall. Election Judge Frank Lohn happily reported the final returns to the City Council about 8:15 p.m., and Mayor R.M. Priesmeyer ordered the fireboys to turn on the fire sirens. The fireboys, all assembled at City Hall for their Christmas party, blew the sirens loud and long, signaling everyone in town that the lake election had been passed. It was the margin of victory’37 to 1’that left the whole town stunned. Almost everyone was predicting that the lake would win, but no one guessed that it would draw so little opposition. Leo Oates couldn’t have been more pleased. For two years he has been serving as chairman of the three-man Water Board, appointed by the City Council to work out the endless details of bringing the lake to a vote. “And it makes the Council feel good, too,” Oates said. “This gives them the confidence to go ahead. They’ve been out on a limb, not really knowing how the people felt about the lake. And we’ve already spent quite a bit of money on this. “If you could get the whole community to work on worthy projects like they have worked on this one, there’s nothing you couldn’t do.” The election brought 1,235 voters (five votes were mutilated) to the polls, the biggest turnout for a city election anyone can remember. Last week Hardin Jones, organizing his workers for a door-knocking campaign, told them: “Let’s go out and vote ourselves the best Christmas present we ever had!” Brady did just that. “I had a feeling it would go over strong,” Jones said after the election, “but not that strong! It’s nice for those boys on the Water Board. After all their work, it’s better than if it had just barely passed.” “I’m happy it came out like this,” said the Rev. Ervin Watson, minister of the First Christian Church. “You can’t blame the old people this time. They voted for it.” The lake backers feared that retired people’those living on fixed incomes’might vote against the lake. But they didn’t. Many were strongly supporting the lake, as workers in a house-to-house canvass last week found out. “I met only one little lady, and she knew all about it,” said James Walton, one of the canvassers. “She said, “We need that lake!” The City Council, during its regular meeting Tuesday night, seized the opportunity to go ahead to canvass the vote and officially declare the $1,485,000 bond issue approved, clearing the way for other steps leading toward construction. Recessing their meeting briefly, the councilmen went to the home of Water Board member John Sloane for coffee and cake in celebration. C.P. Rockwell, acting for the Water Board, spread the good news Tuesday night to Clyde Graham, an assistant state administrator for the Soil Conservation Service in Temple; to the City’s engineers. Freese and Nichols, in Fort Worth; and to C.M. Smith of Abilene, of the First Southwest Company, the City’s financial advisors on the lake. “Graham could hardly believe the bond issue had carried by such a fantastic figure,” Rockwell said. “Everybody was surprised. The engineers said it was a wonderful vote, the best that anyone could ask for, and Mr. Smith said he thought the bonds would pass but he didn’t expect a landslide.” SCS officials will come to Brady within the next week or so to start drawing up a contract for the joint project between the City of Brady and SCS. * * * LETTERS TO SANTA Too Young to Write Dear Santa, I’m a little boy five years old. I can’t write yet so my Mama will write for me. Santa, I would like a red fire truck and western shirts, also some cowboy boots and hat. Santa don’t forget my little friends, Don, Greg and Kathy and all the rest. Also, dear Santa, don’t forget Sarah. She’s been a real good girl so be nice to her. I love you, dear Santa, Mike Gibbs * * * Bikes for Donnie and Joe Dear Santa, I am a little boy 8 years old. I have a little brother. He is 6 years old. We have been good boys. We would like to have bikes and we would like some roller skates and we would also like two buffalo rifles. Be sure and not forget the other children. Merry Christmas. Yours truly, Donny and Joe Daugherty 1601 North Elizabeth * * * A Football Suit for Jerry Dear Santa Claus, Please bring me a football suit and a sport car racing and a rifle. Love, Jerry Ables * * * A Ditch-Digger and Shotgun Dear Santa Claus, I am a little boy 5 years old. I would like for you to bring me a ditch digger and a double barrell shotgun, some nuts and candy, and bring Jerry, my little brother a ball and some peppermint stick candy. Please remember Freddie and Mark. They live in Mason. Thank you. Bye with love. R.L. McFarland 1601 S. Pecan * * * Baby Clothes for Doll Dear Santa, I am 5 years old and want baby clothes and round suitcase for my doll, a cross necklace, gloves, cash register. Denice Frost * * * Remember Other Boys and Girls Dear Santa, I am a little boy six years old and I would like for you to bring me an electric football game, a Lone Ranger set, a concentration game, some clothes and anything else that you could bring. My sister, Norma Faye would like to have a record player, some records and clothes. Please don’t forget all the other boys and girls. With love, James Otha Holloway 900 Calcutta Street

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