The Mane Lion

Did you miss us last week’ No, the newspaper didn’t forget to run The Mane Lion. I just didn’t get it written. The only Brady Lions Club activity for that week was the purely social Christmas Dinner, and I missed it because I was out of town on business. So now, let’s pick up the ball and roll it again. The Brady Lions Club resumed its noon meetings last Thursday with a monthly business session. The most important activity was the induction of two new members. Newly installed Lions Don Crooks and Ira Moise were sponsored by Lions Zac Gray and Louise Long, respectively. Lion Don has moved here from San Angelo, and Lion Ira has come to Texas from the State of Washington. Lion Past President Donald Barley conducted the installation. In his remarks, he noted that the Brady Lions Club was formed in 1935 and that our first president was the late Lion L. B. Smith (Lion Larry’s father.) That means that we’ve served McCulloch County for over 66 years. It also means that Lion James Stewart, who is Lion Larry Smith’s son-in-law, can claim the distinction of being a third generation Brady Lion. We will meet this Thursday, with our program speaker being Brownwood’s Coach Gordon Wood. We will not meet on the Thursday between Christmas and New Years, but we’ll resume our normal schedule on January 3, 2002. I’ll probably take a week off from writing this column, too. So, on behalf of the Brady Lions Club, let me wish each of you readers a very happy, healthy and joyous holiday season. We’ll look forward to meeting in the Brady Standard-Herald again next year.

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