Local FDs respond to rash of calls

A rash of calls for response by local fire departments kept Lohn and Brady fire departments hopping this weekend as five calls of reported structure fires were received. The first call came early Friday evening when Brady firefighters were summoned to the Martin residence at 2113 S. Pine with the report of fire and smoke visible in the home. Fire department personnel first to arrive on the scene used a small fire extinguisher to knock down the fire until equipment and personnel could arrive on scene. A grease fire in the kitchen caused extensive fire and smoke damage to a localized area surrounding the stove. The fire spread to the attic but was contained in a short time limiting the amount of overall damage. A second call at 2:20 a.m. Saturday reported a structure fire at the Campbell residence in Pear Valley. Both Lohn and Brady fire departments responded in a cooperative effort. Upon arrival at the scene, heavy smoke was visible, but after a thorough search, no fire was found. Ventilation of the structure cleared the smoke and revealed the source as a burned up electric typewriter located in the living room. According to preliminary investigations, the occupants of the house were using the typewriter earlier in the evening and retired to the bedroom. An apparent short in the equipment caused the fire which burned itself out due to either lack of fuel or lack of oxygen. “The Campbells were asleep in the bedroom with the door closed when he woke up to get something to drink,” said Assistant Fire Chief Eddie Sayles. “According to Campbell, when he turned on the light, there was so much smoke in the house that he could not even see. There were no smoke detectors in the house, but luckily the fire burned itself out and they were able to get out safely. They were very lucky the smoke did not suffocate them in their sleep.” “This was a fire that with a few different circumstances, could have been a lot worse,” said Sayles. “It was however, a good example of the cooperative efforts between departments.” The Brady fire department was called out on three other calls over the weekend. One, reported as another structure fire, was actually a brush pile fire on Beck street. Another call had the fire department respond to a fire in the chimney of a barbecue pit at Mac’s Barbecue on Sunday morning and reports of smoke coming from Damuth Taxidermy early Monday morning revealed a wood stove in operation by an employee.

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