Brady couple’s veggie garden thriving on organic fertilizer

TASTY SAMPLES of what type of vegetables the Cavnesses are harvesting from their organic gardens. With a little luck, trial and error and cooperative weather (yes it’s possible in Texas), Theresa and Herbert Cavness say it’s easy to have a plentiful vegetable crop’if you’re willing to do the work. Mrs. Cavness, who claims she’s always had her hands in the dirt, stopped by the Brady Standard-Herald office last week rather excited about her vegetable harvest. The bell pepper she brought to “show off” is one of the largest she’s seen in years. Nothing she’s found at the local grocery stores has even come close to the bell pepper she and her husband grew that measures a circumference of 13 inches. Mrs. Cavness admits that it has taken many years for her and her husband to get the skill down, adding that trial and error has worked best for their gardens. Growing vegetables that are in season, the Cavnesses have prepared their organic soil with everything from fish remains to bat guano, which they travel to Austin to purchase. Over the years they’ve experimented with green sand from a local nursery, bone meal, cotton seed meal, rabbit manure and light treatments of Epsom salt to add magnesium to their soil. They’ve also added several varieties of manure compost, pecan leaves and grass clippings. “I’ve been playing in the soil all my life,” explained Mrs. Cavness. “I don’t really know that much about it. It’s a new ball game every year because the weather contributes a lot to whether you have a successful crop or not. It’s always a new adventure, but I can assure you, home-grown vegetables are the most marvelous food you’ll ever taste in your life.” With gardens at their home just three miles outside of Brady and the smaller garden located at the rear of the couple’s U-Haul business on South Bridge Street, the Cavnesses have plenty of soil to keep their hands dirty. “I can’t take all the credit though,” she said. “Herbert does all the hard work and lifting. I simply do all the little things, but between the two of us, we work together and have a wonderful crop to show for it.”

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