Simple question stirs fond memories

Several days ago, Larry called me from the Brady Standard-Herald office. He said a man had come into the office asking if he knew where the old fair grounds were. Of course he didn’t know and called me. I could remember, but had a hard time locating the grounds for him. As I remember, it was in the north-east of present-day Brady. You go north on the street on the west side of Super S (Elm Street). It will take you to the low-water crossing of Brady Creek. (The old Percy Dutton home was in this area.) I remember lots of trees covering the area, which is now occupied by the Brady Housing Authority. The first time my parents, J.E. and Rosa Samuelson, and four children attended, my father and a friend of his had a hamburger stand. They probably sold hamburgers for 10 cents a burger. The next time we attended was after my father died at the age of 44 years. I guess I was probably 10 years old the year Mama, my two older brothers, Gene and Gordon and my little brother, George (everyone called him Buddy), went to the fair. When we got to the fair, Mama told all of us that she would sit right here and visit with her friends. “You can join your friends, but check back with me, right here,” she told us. We did check back with her ever so often. It was later that afternoon when Mama got up and went to buy herself something to drink. Of course, that would be the time Buddy went to check with her, and she wasn’t there. He got scared and decided that we had gone home and forgotten him, so he struck out to go home, crying. He must have run and walked a mile or so of the four miles home when some of our neighbors, on their way home, came upon this little lonely, tear-streaked boy. They stopped and asked him where he was going. He told them, “They forgot me and went home.” The neighbors finally convinced him that we hadn’t gone home without him. They got him to get in the car and took him back to the fairgrounds and found Mama right where she said she would be. We all felt sorry for him and told him we never would go off and leave him.

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