Mary Bates chapter attends district FTA convention

Twenty-four members of the Mary Bates Chapter of the Brady High School Future Teachers of America attended the District XV FTA convention at Fort Concho on Nov. 15. Participating in the program involving wall, Stephenville and Brady were district officers Erin Rainey, Chelsea Simpson, Nicole Longoria, Maggie Aguero and Amy Pearson. Elected to serve as 2002-2003 officers were president Taylor Dunham from Wall; vice-president Erin Rainey; recording secretary Stacy Currie; financial secretary; Michelle Devenport; historian Erica Paniagua; and parliamentarian, Leslie Ranne. Contest winners were Nichole Nowlin, essay; Chelsea Simpson, art; and Dawn Mings, Miss FTA speaking. Each of these students addressed the topic, “Be a friend, touch a life; be a teacher, touch a life forever.” Winning at district level advances these students to state competition. Serving the organization as local officers are Jacque Skaggs, president; Nicole Nowlin, vice-president; Erica Paniagua, secretary; Stacy Currie, treasurer; and Amy Pearson, historian. The club sponsor is Mrs. Karen Andrews. During the week of Nov. 28-Dec. 6, the club will be holding a silent auction on baked goods in order to make money for the state competition in February. Bids may be viewed on channel 12.

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