Rochelle teachers, seniors featured

The teachers listed here are some of the ones who served in the old rock school building that was built in Rochelle in 1913-14. Left to right are Miss Euna White, Supt. D. M. Lorance, Miss Emma Young, Mrs. Rozzie Stewart Snowden, Mrs. Jones, Miss Greenwood, Mr. White and Miss Ruth Sellman. I forgot the first senior class to graduate from the new high school building in 1943. They are Mary Teague Finnegan, Ruth Cottle Haley, Helen White Durham, Virginia White Blocum, June Mitchell Rice, Nelda Williams Lewis, Jeanelle Barrow Taylor, Jack Harp, Oren Cox, James Allen, Merle Brown, Gordon Yatres, Boyd Turner, H.F. Bird, Ima Mae Taylor Coop, R.L. Burk, LeRoy Alexander, Dean Jordan, Betty Knight Johnson, Ralph Neal, Glenn Smith, Hilmer Kruckemeyer, J.H. Hufstuttler and Bruce Blauvelt.

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