Letter to the editor

Dear Editor: The Hospital Auxiliary’s president and treasurer, Mrs. Debbie Vickers and Mrs. Marguerite Threadgill, presented a $12,000 check to the H.O.T. Memorial Hospital at the regular board meeting on Nov. 26. The purpose of the donation was to help purchase new equipment for the surgery department. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank, not only Mrs. Vickers and Mrs. Threadgill, but also all of the dedicated members of that organization. They have donated many thousands of dollars to our hospital over the years. I would urge anyone willing to volunteer to contact one of the members. I also would urge our community members to not only donate items to the Auxiliary Thrift Shop, located on the south side of the square, but to go by and shop with them. For sure, the money received will go to a good cause. Thanks again ladies for your dedicated efforts. RICHARD I. LANE, OD Chairman of H.O.T. Memorial Hospital Board of Directors

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