Letter to the editor

Dear Editor: Our country is in deep trouble. How will this generation handle their “day of infamy'” Our 51 year-old daughter said, “oh mom, Pearl Harbor was nothing compared to what happened on Sept. 11th.” Little does she know! Although it is true that the terrorists are here, living in our country. Have you ever visited the Douglas MacArthur Academy of Freedom in Brownwood’ It is in the buildings of the old Daniel Baker College at the corner of Austin and Coggin Avenues. Every Texas should visit this museum. I urge you to visit it’if you have not already done so. A great story could come from a visit, perhaps a Tom Brokaw type story’and maybe an inspiration for this generation. One floor has an exact replica of Independence Hall, one of only three in the entire nation. The original is in Philadelphia, Pa., a replica here at Knotsberry Farm and the other replica in Brownwood. The most awesome part of the academy for me was sitting in the third floor auditorium viewing a full stage-sized map of the WWII Pacific battle area with lights and sound showing all the islands held by the Japanese’and our long supply lines. How did we survive’ No army, no navy after Pearl, no air force. Totally unprepared for war. With God’s help and courageous people willing to make great sacrifices we won. Will this generation do the same’ I believe the will if the media will discontinue their demoralizing pressure. This is no Vietnam. This war is among us, within our Swiss cheese borders! By the way, the bronze statue of MacArthur in front of the academy was sculpted by Waldine Tauch, a Brady girl who’s training with world renowned sculptor Pompeo Coppine. It was financed by the Tuesday Club of Brady. I have a Brady Herald clipping of Tuesday, Oct. 13, 1959 telling of her education. I hope you will visit and write about the academy. So few people visit it. When were there several years ago, we were the only ones and had a private tour. Every school student should visit it. Sincerely, Mildred Brown Fullerton, Calif.

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