Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, It has been over two months since “black Tuesday,” the terrorist attack on New York and the Pentagon; and the war goes on. The last war where we had a decisive victory was World War II. The Korean, Vietnam and Desert Storm conflicts were not total victories for us. It should be noted that World War II was not a so-called humanitarian war. There were no special considerations for old men, women and children. We put our total efforts into that war and let it be known that we were not going to permit the Axis powers to remain in force. We should not be fighting only a humanitarian war in this terrorist war. We should prepare ourselves to give our all to defend our God and our country. The terrorists’ strikes on our country were not humanitarian strikes. They targeted the civilians in the WTC and the airlines and then picked the Pentagon, where they were hopeful of killing our top military personnel. If the terrorists are not going to fight solely against our military in this country, then why should we fight against only their military in their country’ In the example of the Pharaoh of Egypt, God brought nine plagues against Egypt to persuade Pharaoh to release the Israelites. When the ninth plaque did not get the Pharaoh’s attention, God then brought the 10th plaque of death of the firstborn. Then Pharaoh released the Israelites. Was God acting in an inhuman or ungodly way when he killed Egypt’s firstborn’ With Sodom and Gomorrah, did God act in an inhuman way when He brought total destruction of all of the inhabitants of the cities except Lot and his children’ Even Lot’s wife was killed in God’s judgment. Saddam Hussein, bin Laden and Yasser Arafat’beware. I believe that we should pull out all the stops and fight this war with all of the weapons that we have. I believe that first of all we should retaliate against the military of the enemy nations with conventional weapons until their power is reduced. If the leaders in the known terrorist countries do not surrender, concede and come to this country and face restitution for their war crimes, then we should wait a short period of time and withdraw our troops and equipment; then if the enemies will not concede at that point, we should retaliate with the most powerful weapons on cities until we have control of the enemies. This should include control of their oil fields. We should not notify the United Nations of our plans for air strikes and advances to be made on the enemy because the UN is a safe harbor for terrorist nations and their leaders. Also notifying the UN would take away the element of surprise and let the enemy defend themselves better. They would only have to get in their holes and caves or duck their heads to survive the strikes. We do not want a long-term war that will go on until the next election. We should put forth efforts so that we can have a victory as soon as possible and then restore our arsenals and go back to our peaceful way of life. Jim Hicks Clyde, Tex.

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