General rainfall soaks Brady, rest of county

Two high-powered fronts converged on Central Texas late last Wednesday, and by the time things cleared out Saturday, upwards of 15 inches of rainfall had been measured in the area. Austin was the hardest hit by the deluge, and 10 deaths have been blamed on the water, including a two-year-old girl from Kingsland, who was swept away by the floods. Several tornadoes touched down in the capital city although no deaths were contributed to them. The heavy rainfall around Austin and San Antonio recharged the Edwards Aquifer with much needed water, according to reports. Brady was on the northern edge of the system and a soaking general rain covered the county. In a five-day total, Brady gauged an official 2.94 inches; however, that total changed when a cold front, the first full-fledged system of the fall, roared into town around 8:30 a.m. Monday. With the system came more rainfall (0.18 inch) that pushed that November total over the three-inch mark. Rainfall over the county has been over four inches in most locales. Brian Treadwell, who lives just outside of the county at Hext, said he gauged 6.25 inches during the spell. Robbie Turk at Calf Creek reported the heaviest rainfall in the county with 5.20 inches. Brady Lake, Voca and Jason Jacoby at Melvin all reported 4.50 inches. Ken Albritton at Doole registered 4.00 inches as did the gauge at the Lohn Post Office. Jerell Hemphill at Pear Valley said he had 3.87 inches and Bert Streigler at East Sweden had 3.78 inches. Rochelle school had a total of 3.70 inches. Mercury came in with 3.00 inches, and Camp San Saba had “over three inches.” Last year the November rain total was 10.82 inches which was the largest measurement for that month on record. Totals were tabulated starting in 1913 in McCulloch County when the second highest total (7.80 inches) was gauged. As of Tuesday morning, 3.37 inches of rain has been officially registered in Brady this month. When the cold front moved through the region on Monday, temperatures dropped 10′ in the first hour and rain peppered Brady throughout much of the morning and afternoon. After an early frost in mid-October, forecasters were calling for the mercury to drop to near freezing on Tuesday (tonight). Extended forecasts call for a clearing period but cool temperatures during the Thanksgiving weekend.

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