Gatesville eliminates Brady from state race, 16-14

November 22-25, 1960 The Brady Bulldogs, game and gallant, bowed out of the state AA playoffs in favor of the Gatesville Hornets Friday night in the bi-district at Gatesville. The toe-to-toe battle was even closer than the score: 16-14. As it turned out, a pass interference call against the Bulldogs’that set up a Gatesville field goal in the final five seconds of the second quarter’was the key play of the game. It was the break of the game, a break that broke the Bulldogs back. The Dogs were leading 8-6 but were reeling under a pass attack by Gatesville quarterback Joe Carothers. Fighting the clock, Carothers passed the Hornets to a first down on the Brady 31 with 17 seconds remaining. Two passes fell incomplete, and then Carothers fired a long one. Gatesville’s Byron McClellan and Brady’s Charles Reynolds were scrambling for it’and they and the ball fell to the ground. Failing, too, was the official’s red flag, giving the Hornets a first down on the Brady 9. Only five seconds remained before halftime’time for one more play. The Hornets quickly lined up, and Carothers kicked a field goal’a beauty, and Gatesville went in at the half, leading 9-8. Both teams scored again in the second half, but the Hornets still had the protection of those three points from the field goal. The Bulldogs were badly outweighed, 24 pounds in the backfield and 13 pounds in the line, but that was only a minor factor in their defeat. They could move the ball and even outgained the Hornets on the ground and led in first downs, 17-16. They were never forced to punt, although while trying to retain possession they took quite a gamble on several occasions. Brady fullback Gene Henderson was leading rusher of the night with 94 yards in 18 carries. Quarterback Reynolds had 47 for 13; Darrell Roper, 30 for 11; and Harry Bowden, 28 for 7. It was quarterback Joe Carothers, a 165-pound senior, who engineered the Gatesville victory. He kicked that field goal, intercepted a pass that led to a Hornet touchdown’which he scored’and he completed 6 of 12 passes for 83 yards. He also carried the ball 10 times for 58 yards. Gatesville had the edge in penetrations, 3-2. For seven Brady seniors it was their last game with the Doggies: Henderson, Jimmy Hill, Gene Rowell, Tommy Kyzar, Lanny Dorsett, Leroy Bracy and Eugene Fikes. But the bulk of the Bulldogs will be back next year to carry on where they left off in 1960. Friday’s game was a bruising, grueling affair for the boys in the middle of Brady’s line: Rowell, Hargroves, Watson, Kyzar, Danny Williams and the other defenders, Bobby Brown, Dean Hahn, David Quinn, Hill, Knox Trammell, George Kidd, Roper and Reynolds. The Gatesville ball carriers were hard to hold and could power through for three or four yards even with the Doggies all over them. Gatesville depended on Carothers, fullback Bob Edwards (190-pound senior), and Jerry Gilcrest (178-pound junior) for the power and gave the ball to Sammy Petty (143-pound sophomore) when they needed speed. Petty accounted for 51 yards in 9 carries with the ball: Edwards 34 yards in 10 carries; and Gilcrest, 31 yards in 6 carries. Brady and Gatesville traded a fumble apiece early in the first half before they got down to business. George Kidd started the Bulldogs on their way when he intercepted a Carothers pass and ran it back to the Brady 40. A penalty, however, set the Dogs back on their own 33 and then they advanced 67 yards without a bobble. The Dogs stayed on the ground except for one 12-yard pass from Reynolds to Roper, which set up the score on the Gatesville 10. Roper got 3, and Bowden skirted around the left end to the one. Then behind the wedge of the Brady line, Reynolds pushed over. For the extra points, Reynolds faded toward the right side, threatening to run and then spotted a pass into the arms of Knox Trammell over the middle. It was a nifty catch and left the stunned Hornets trailing, 8-0. But now it was Gatesville’s time to score, and they did it in a 52-yard drive, inching along all the way on the ground. Edwards went the final three for the TD, but Brady’s Reynolds knocked down Carothers’ pass for the points, and Brady was still ahead, 8-6. Taking the kickoff on their 31, the Dogs seemed to be goalward-bound again in the second period. It was rough-going, but they made four first downs and were sitting on the Gatesville 21 when they lost a fumble. In less than two minutes after gaining possession, the Hornets moved the ball 70 yards to the Brady 9 and only two seconds remained on the clock after Carothers’ kick sailed through the uprights, putting the Hornets ahead for the first time. Cool and confident in the third period, the Bulldogs looked like old pros as they took the opening kickoff and drove 64 yards for their second TD. The clock was racing along and only 3.57 minutes of the third quarter remained when the Hornets got possession again. Penalties slowed the Hornets’ march and they finally had to punt, the first punt of the night. Brady ran five plays before the tide reversed itself again. Carothers intercepted a pass on the Brady 36, and then there was no holding the Hornets. They smelled blood and scored in five plays. Carothers himself took it the last 11 yards around the left end’and then for insurance kicked the goal, bringing the final score to 16-14.

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