Veterans honored with patriotic ceremonies

MADE WITH PRIDE’Local veterans Mike Trollinger (left) and Rick Melcer show off a paper chain flag made by students at North Ward Elementary. The ceremony, held Monday, was the first ever organized event at North Ward that paid tribute to McCulloch County veterans. He was like so many others during that time, eager to serve his country during a time of patriotic duty. So eager in fact, he enlisted in the Merchant Marines before even finishing high school and receiving his diploma. Voca native Bill Sallee returned to Brady High School Friday and received his high school diploma, 56 years late. Brady ISD Supt. Max Gordon presented Sallee with his diploma as part of a Veterans’ Day ceremony conducted at Brady High School on Friday. The annual event, organized by BHS teacher Chuck Bailey’s history class honored 58 past and present veterans of McCulloch County for their service to their country. The BHS ceremony was one of several activities held throughout the weekend commemorating the sacrifices of veterans. Yet another school organized ceremony at the North Ward flagpole Monday morning gave the chance for Veterans to bestow bits of knowledge in the minds of youngsters as they learned the proper way in which to fly and fold an American Flag. Hundreds of small flags again graced the grounds at local cemeteries as volunteers from the local VFW Post made sure that every veteran’s grave was honored by an American Flag. Names of those who were honored for their military service were: Tex Bloys, Lewis Jordan, George Gourley, Edward Castro, Jerry Simpson, Robert Allen, Jr., Paul Cude, David Dahlberg, Amos Coley, Kenneth Bull, Benito Rubio, Matt Mills, Jose DeHoyos. George Hulen Rodgers, Clarence Friar, Johnny Elliott, Garland Freeze, Leonard Westra, Don Ewing, Archie Harlow, Larry Smith, John Bomer, Donald Clayton Moore, Rick Melcer, Mike Trollinger, Lee Coffman, Michael Spence, Phillips Lyons, Jimmy Fisher, Jean F. Williams, Karl K. Steffens, Wayne Rawlings, James Locklear, Doug Calley, Roy Clements. H.D. Clevenger, John Lewis, David Norman West, Aaron D. Roper, J.H. Slaughter, Bill Roberts, Russell Long, James Long, Lindsey Passmore, Lonnie Gene Williams, Conley Purcell, Reno Kwast, Marston Seward, Bobby Neal, Dayton Boren. Jane Winters, L.M. Sellers, Roger Burtner, Herbert Cavness, William Alton (Tony) Long, Richard Winters, Weldon Smith, John Stewart, Jim Johnson, Olan Locker, Bill Sallee.

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