Texas Recycles Day scheduled Nov. 15

We all know that everything is bigger in Texas, and recycling efforts are no exception. On Nov. 15, thousands of citizens, businesses, civic organizations and schools will celebrate the ninth annual Texas Recycles Day (TRD). This year’s theme, “Care for the Air’Recyle” focuses on the positive effects recycling makes to our important air quality issues. The Lone Star State’s Recycles Day is the largest in the nation. The ninth annual event is a special year that brings together the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC) and Keep Texas Beautiful to co-sponsor the event. “When you understand the unique qualifications of Keep Texas Beautiful (KTB), you’ll understand why TNRCC chose them to serve as the agency’s co-sponsor of Texas Recycles Day 2001,” said Isreal Anderson. “KTB has vast experience in educating the public. For 35 years this organization has provided educational materials and information on litter prevention, solid waste issues (like recycling), community beautification and property improvements. They have an environmental network of 318 community affiliates that reach across Texas to towns large and small, rural and urban,” Anderson said. “This outreach expertise makes them the obvious choice to assist us with the myriad details of Texas Recycles Day.” Five additional partners have dedicated themselves to actively support Texas Recycles Day with a montage of recycling events statewide. The partners include the Air and Waste Management Association, Recycling Coalition of Texas, Texas Corporate Recycling Council, Texas Department of Transportation and Texas Water Foundation. “Caring for the environment is one of the most important things any of us can do,” said Terri Smythe, executive director of the Texas Water Foundation. “A few years ago these five partners didn’t have a common thread to join them together. Today, the impact of the environmental issues facing Texas including waste reduction, water and air’from transportation to recreation’recycling is the thread that ties us all together. It is the connectivity of all these issues.”

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