Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, God is great!’ says Bin Laden’ God is great!’say the Taliban’ And then they go out and perform some of the most un-Godly, inhumane, un-speakable acts of murder and destruction ever witnessed, while trying to justify their acts in the name of God. The truth is all to obvious’Bin Laden does not represent God’Bin Laden thinks he is God. He has separated himself away from the council of all wise and prudent men and decided that he, the “great Bin Laden” alone knows and therefore has the right to interpret what God wants done’denouncing anyone that dares to disagree with his mad and senseless brutality. There are two very important facts this self-appointed, would-be prophet and his apostles from Hell need to know’ No. 1’There is a God’ No. 2’You are not Him. JESS SHORE Brady, Tex.

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