Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, On a damp Sunday morning (Nov. 11, Veterans’ Day) I visited our local cemeteries and was amazed at the hundreds of miniature US flags that proudly waved over our Veterans’ grave sites. I left my vehicle and walked for an hour recalling different associations that I had with many of them’some schoolmates of long ago, some close friends and others that I had known in business dealings of some sort and many relatives. It was kind of like a visit with each of them. I wondered who took the time and effort to honor all these people who served out country’who left their families, jobs and homes so that all of us could walk freely today. I was told that the flags were put out by the American Legion and VFW and that for years and years, Mrs. June Long and volunteer friends had done this worthy deed for us; and she made very sure that no Veteran was left out. I also drove down to the west end of Rest Haven Cemetery where ashamedly, some of the less fortunate are buried and I found that every Veterans’ grave there also displayed (just as proudly) our beautiful flag, and for sure it (the flag) should have been. I hope that many of you in Brady, at least, drove through that day. It makes you remember that freedom wasn’t given to us’it was earned the hard way. BILLY JACKSON Brady, Tex.

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