Deer hunting in Rochelle brings great joy to many

Deer season in Rochelle has been a lot of fun for many years. When I was a young boy, there were not many deer in this part of the county. There were a few east of here and more west, south and north. When I was teaching here in the late 1950s, Charlie White let all of the men teachers and women teachers’ husbands hunt from the first weekend of deer season. We camped in the Prairie Pasture and had a lot of fun and excitement. There were many card games, good food and fellowship. The first time I remember being there was in 1957. Miers Johnson, who was one of the better hunters, was there as was Supt. Tommy Thompson. Others included Dale Bagley, Elbert Doyal, Jerrell Rice, Son Bratton, Posey Collins, Breck Breck-enridge, Howard Sawyer, Happy Hubbard and more. Thompson would let a couple of teachers get out early from school to set up camp, get some camp meat and generally get everything ready for a great weekend. I was coaching, and it was usually on a Friday when we had our last football game so I didn’t get to go until we got back from the game. I would go on down about midnight but everyone would be still up playing cards and some consuming a lot of alcohol. Sometimes we didn’t even go to bed; just stayed up and went hunting at daybreak. The biggest buck I ever saw was about 30 steps from my front door, and someone this past Monday night knocked him over. He had 12 points and weighed aobut 300 pounds. He has been standing there for over 70 years. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Price bought him and put him there. Of course, he is made of concrete. Anyway, I got my uncle to bring his tractor over, and he pulled him back up. Other than a broken leg, he will be ready for another Christmas as we put a sleigh behind him for the grandchildren. My neighbor said he knew who pulled him over. I said I don’t want to know. I hope it was someone I don’t know.

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