Voters head to polls today for Constitutional Amendments

Early voting for today’s election ended Friday, and polls will be open today (Tuesday) until 7 p.m. as voters cast their ballots for 19 constitutional amendments. In McCulloch County, 81 early votes were cast in what was expected to be an election with a low voter turnout. The lack of major party elections or political races appears to have led to a lack of interest in today’s election. Voters are encouraged to cast their votes and must show photo identification Combined polling places for the Nov. 6 election are: Pcts. 101 and 103’Sunset Ridge Church of Christ. Pcts. 201 and 202’Richards Library. Pcts. 301 and 302’Boy Scout Lodge. Pcts. 402 and 403’Rochelle Community Center. Pct. 102’BHS Industrial Arts Bldg. Pct. 401’Brady Housing Authority.

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