Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, There are many people who are willing to let the good they do be known. “Toot their own horn,” so to speak. I am writing to speak of two very special residents of Brady, both teachers at Brady High School. These two have quietly made an incredible opportunity, the dream of a lifetime possible for a young man. They are both quite content to know they have made a difference and keep it to themselves. Out gratitude to them leaves us unable to sit silent. Jacque Behrens lives the marathon of life at a sprint and Matt Popnoe is in his classroom at the high school long before the chickens are even considering getting up. In spite of full schedules they took the considerable amount of time and effort necessary to act as “nominator” and “recommender” for our son, Sam Rocha, as he began the process of becoming the recipient of a Gates Millennium Scholarship. The goal of attending Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio, has been reached thanks in large part to Mrs. Behrens and Mr. Popnoe. Our family moved from Brady in the summer of 2000, right before Sam’s senior year. Mrs. Behrens and Mr. Popnoe went to bat for Sam even though he was no longer their student. Sam has been in Ohio since late August and is doing great. He is challenged academically and has been involved in campus life from day one. This school and this boy are a match. Next time you see Mrs. Behrens or Mr. Popnoe around town, please give them a pat on the back, they really deserve it. Sincerely, Noe and Shirley Rocha

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