Warning-alert siren test scheduled for Thursday

The Brady-McCulloch County Emergency Management Agency and the Brady Police Department will test the City of Brady’s outdoor warning sirens on Thursday, Nov. 1 at 10 a.m. Tests are conducted on the first Thursday of each month to determine if the equipment is working properly, and to keep personnel familiar with the operations of the systems. The TV Cable Warning System will not be tested this month. It is out of service until its controls are relocated into the new Brady Public Services Building. Remember, if you hear the warnings at a time when no test has been announced, take cover and tune a battery operated radio to station KNEL-AM or KNEL-FM for additional information. When there is an actual warning, do not use your land based or cellular telephone for any reason other than to seek help or report emergency information. Available telephone circuits are critical for emergency officials to communicate and provide services. If there is a real threat of severe weather in this area Thursday morning, the test will be cancelled.

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