Man in pickup washed into creek

November 1-4, 1960 A Brady insurance man in a pickup truck was washed off the low-water crossing at Richards Park just after 7 p.m. Friday when Brady Creek went on a rise after Friday afternoon’s heavy downpour. Tommy Anderson, 37, of 901 Crothers Ave., almost lost his life. He was just thankful he didn’t have one of his children with him. His son, 4, and his daughter, 11, sometimes ride with him on rounds. “If he had been drowned, we would never have known what happened to him until the creek went down,” said his wife. Anderson couldn’t get the doors open against the water, but he managed to roll down the window on the right hand side and crawl out. He swam to a tree and rested awhile before trying to climb the embankment opposite the park, making his way finally back up to the Jack Locklear home at Laurel Drive and West Sixth. No one was in the area to give him any help or even to report what had happened. The 1957 Chevrolet truck was washed on down the creek and as of Tuesday was still lost under the water somewhere. “We walked along the banks of the creek Monday, but we still couldn’t find it,” Mrs. Anderson said. Anderson had delivered a policy to the south side and was returning home, crossing the creek from West Sixth Street into the park. A warning flare had been placed at the crossing, but at the time the water wasn’t very deep and Anderson thought he would have no trouble making it across. But the water was swift, and Anderson suddenly found his truck headed downstream. When the front end went over the shoulder of the low-water crossing he was worried about how he was “ever going to get the truck out.” Then “when I saw the water on the windshield I started worrying how I was going to get myself out.” During World War II he was in the Navy and had a destroyer shot out from under him, and he spent 12 to 14 hours in the water, but he said his tangle with Brady Creek was the closest he has ever come to meeting death, “and the water wasn’t any colder.” He lost his glasses, his hat, and all his insurance papers, but his watch was still running when he got out. * * * Storm forces plane down in muddy field Friday afternoon’s thunderstorm forced an Arizona pilot to put his plane down in a plowed oat field near Waldrip about 2:30 p.m. He jumped a couple of terraces in the field, but neither he, Don Llorente, 30, nor the plane was hurt. Llorente is a law student at the University of Arizona in Tueson, working his way through by flying. He was en route to Rockdale to deliver a C-45 Beech, a war surplus executive type aircraft with twin engines. The plane’s instruments and radio had gone out in the storm, and Llorente was getting low on gasoline when he spotted the oat field on the Glen Wright place, about six miles west of Waldrip. Llorente got in touch with Brady flier James Walton for help in getting the plane in the air again. He needed a battery to start the engines and enough gas to get him to Curtis Field to fill up. The field was still too muddy Saturday to take off, and Llorente spent Friday and Saturday nights with the Walton family. Sunday morning he and Walton returned to the plane and taxied it around into a far corner of the muddy field. “He kept the brakes on until he had the tail in the air and then took off. The mud was balling up in front of the landing gear, and he was headed into some pretty good sized mesquite trees at the end of the field,” Walton said. “But he had a good cross wind and he made it. If he had hit those trees, that would have been all she wrote! He’s a good pilot.” Llorente is a former Air Force flier and has a couple if MIGs to his credit in the Korean conflict. He came on to Curtis Field for more fuel and then headed on to Rockdale, planning to return to Arizona by airplane. * * * Bangs, 52, Melvin, 22 The Melvin Bulldogs, their team wrecked by a serious traffic accident last week, were no match for the Dragons in Bangs Friday night. Bangs won, 52-22. Scoring in the fourth quarter for Melvin were Eddie Sandoval, Roy Lynn Ferris and Reuben de los Santos. This week the Bulldogs are on their home field for their final game of the season. They will meet their old rivals from the end of the county, the Rochelle Hornets. * * * Junior High Lions wallop Coleman again The Brady Junior High Lions rolled over their Coleman guests here Thursday night, 42-0. Passing and running, they scored with ease when they wanted to, and had accumulated a 20-0 lead at halftime. It was the Lions’ second victory this year over Coleman. They did it the first time, 24-0. The Lions lost the B game, however, 14-0, and they had also lost the B game, 22-0, in their previous encounter. This week the Lions will try their luck again against the Brownwood Cubs, here in Bulldog Stadium at 7:30 p.m. Thursday. Brownwood beat the Lions, 28-8, earlier this year. * * * PERSONAL MENTIONS Guest of parents Miss Rebecca Hare, sophomore student at McMurry College in Abilene, spent a recent weekend with her parents, Rev. and Mrs. Charles Hare in Rochelle. She was accompanied by two friends, Misses Sandra Parmelly of Abilene, and Karen South of Lovington, N. Mex. They are all students at McMurry. * * * Visitor from Chicago Mrs. R.W. Johanson of Chicago, Ill., left from home last Thursday after a three weeks’ visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.N. Winston. * * * Attend party Mr. and Mrs. Fount Stroope and Mrs. James Stroope attended the birthday party of Mr. and Mrs. Stroope’s granddaughter, Carmen Dena Rhyne, in San Angelo last Friday. Mr. and Mrs. James Rhyne entertained for their daughter at their home. * * * Guests of parents Mrs. Charles Terry, Sue Ann and Kurt of Alburquerque, N. Mex., left from home Tuesday after spending the past week as guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Mohler and Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Terry.

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